How to Plan the Perfect Date Night Outfit

4 Tips for Picking the Perfect Date Outfit

Whether it’s your first date or 15th, planning the perfect date night outfit can be challenging. The goal is to look and feel your best while dressing appropriately for the occasion. When picking out a date night outfit, turn to wardrobe staples that make you feel confident and comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more you'll be able to relax and enjoy yourself. 

From putting on a cute top and jeans for a concert to freshening up your favorite skirt for dinner reservations, here are some outfit tips to help ensure your date night ensemble exceeds your expectations, even if your date does not. 

Prioritize Practicality and Comfort

When staring at your closet or online shopping dresses for your date, you should consider the season, venue, and vibe of your date. While it might be tempting to wear the most outrageous clothing on your date, you'll want to consider comfort and practicality first. If your date is outdoors, grab a cute shacket to keep warm. If you’re doing something adventurous, wear sneakers or running shoes. If you aren’t comfortable in your clothes, it will show in your body language and can negatively affect your night. 

Dress to Impress Yourself

Do you feel most like yourself in dress shorts or jeans? Whatever you feel the most fabulous in is what you should strive for when choosing a date night outfit—or any outfit. If jeans are your comfort zone, dress up your favorite pair with a pretty puff-sleeve top and colorful mules. If graphic tees get your heart pumping, then wear a knotted tee paired with a skirt and boots. The key to looking polished and put together, no matter how dressy or casual your outfit, is having the confidence to pull it off. When you feel good, you walk a little taller and smile a little brighter, so stay within your comfort zone and add some extra elements to what you usually wear. 

Put a New Spin on an Old Classic 

If dresses make your heart skip a beat, then wear a dress. If you’re looking for something different than your trusty little black dress, seek something you love but don’t usually wear. Add some color or pattern into your life, like pretty purple or rust dresses. If maxi skirts are your go-to, try a suede or fringe mini skirt to shake things up. If you usually wear pants and a cute top, consider a one-piece jumpsuit or romper to rev up the occasion. Stick with what works for you but make minor tweaks or adjustments to make it out of the ordinary. 

Make a Statement with Accessories 

Give your date something to talk about with accessories that beg to be discussed. Wear some red heels that are impossible to ignore or Western boots that kick off the date. Wear some dramatic drop earrings or sparkly studs. Experimenting with accessories is an excellent way to upgrade any outfit, even if you’re wearing a graphic tee with jeans. Try to create harmony and balance when accessorizing. If you’re already wearing a printed dress, small hoop earrings make a subtle statement without speaking too loudly. When in doubt, wear accessories, but don't go overboard. Keep your date night outfit and accessories chic and classy like you.