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At the core of the company, Dress Up has one main mission - to show the love of Christ and to help women realize their worth. Our brand strives to make sure that each woman walking through our doors leaves feeling more confident and loved than they did walking in.


Dress Up is home to me. Our team & customers have become family. Every single day we are given the opportunity to love on each person who walks through our doors and work alongside the most empowering, intentional, & hardworking women. What we are doing day in and day out is so much more than selling clothes, its loving people & reminding them of the beautiful person that they are. There is nothing like Dress Up.

Suwanee Store Manager

I love working at Dress Up because of the close knit family that you gain, not only in the staff but also in the customers. We’re all one big family and it doesn’t even feel like work!

Greenville Store Manager

Dress Up is more than just a job, it has given me a purpose, shown me what I am capable of, and taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. I have always wanted to help people, and I never thought that would be through my passion, clothing. Loving on people is something that gives me a purpose, from my guests shopping in store to the team members I get to work with. Dress Up was the easiest and best yes I have ever done!

Cumming Store Manager