4 Reasons to Pair a Hat with Your Outfit Today

4 Signs You Should Pair a Hat with Your Dress Today

Hats are amazing accessories. They’re versatile and there are hats for all kinds of outfits. There are hats to go with that ultra-casual look featuring your favorite slouchy sweater and joggers. There are hats for dresses made to complete your look of elegance. When you get right down to it, hats are never boring. They can spruce up any outfit in less than a second. As you get dressed today and get ready to head out on your next grand adventure (even if that adventure is picking up a few things at the grocery store), here are four reasons to grab a hat to complete your ensemble. 

You Have a Cute New Hat You Want to Show Off

This may be the best reason to pair a hat with your outfit today. Who doesn’t love showing off a new piece of clothing or accessory? When you get that new hat, dress top, boots, or anything else, you want to show the world. You want to wear it when you go out and run errands. You want to wear it to work. People need to know you're rocking a cute new hat. Or maybe it’s time to get a cute new hat to show off!

Your Hair Isn’t Cooperating

This is probably the most practical reason to wear a hat from your collection. We’ve all had days when our hair decides to do its own thing. A hat ensures you're ready for those inevitable days. But you don’t need to grab any old hat to wrangle your misbehaving hair. Grab something to go with your outfit. Or grab a hat that makes you say, “Oh, yeah,” when you look in the mirror. Pop it on and show your hair who’s boss. 

The Weather Demands It

Call this another practical reason to wear a hat. There are all kinds of weather conditions that give you a great excuse to grab a stylish hat before you head out. On sunny days, brimmed hats help keep those rays out of your eyes. On extra sunny days, wide-brimmed hats can help keep those rays in check for the sake of your skin. It’s always good to grab a hat if it’s rainy or snowy. Brims keep errant raindrops or snowflakes out of your eyes. And who can forget knit caps to keep your head all nice and toasty! 

That Dress Just Needs a Little Something Extra

Sometimes you put on a dress or another outfit and you feel that something is off. You look great, but you know your outfit could use a “little something extra.” Sometimes, that “little something extra” is a hat. It can be surprising how a hat can really pull together a dress, particularly a wide-brimmed hat. And different hats can complete different outfits. A lot of the time, caps go with casual outfits. For instance, you can grab a hat with a vintage wash and an embroidered design to pull together jeans and a flowy blouse. Mix and match outfits with hats and see what you like. That’s another great thing about hats: there’s never a wrong combination!