Cozy Cardigans & Kimonos

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      256 products

      Women’s Cardigans + Kimonos

      Cardigans and kimonos are the perfect way to take a basic look to the next level. We all have those days where we feel like we have nothing to wear, whether it’s due to boredom with our wardrobe or slacking on laundry. This is why you need a really good cardigan (or maybe like 10). Trendy prints, flowy fits and silhouettes, and statements sleeves can elevate even the most boring outfits! As cooler weather sets in, stay cozy with our cute sweater cardigans. These warm layers will keep you comfortable all season long. 


      Throw one of Dress Up’s cardigans or kimonos over a basic solid white tank and simple denim, and voila! You have yourself a cute + trendy style that will trick everyone into thinking you put thought and effort into your look! We also love a gorgeous sheer kimono over a sleeveless mini dress or romper for a gorgeous layered style that we know you’re going to love as much as we do! Layering a cute sweater cardigan over your favorite graphic tee is also a trend you must try. The cute tops will be a favorite in your closet.