4 Kinds of Warm and Stylish Light Jackets Every Wardrobe Needs

Want a Light Jacket That’s Warm and Stylish? 4 to Look For

Some days, wearing a light jacket makes perfect sense. It’s for those mild winter days when the sky is clear and the sun is beaming down. You may have a few light jackets in your wardrobe. Or, as you keep reading, you might realize you're lacking in the light jacket category. Lack a light jacket no more! 

Consider this a brief light jacket primer—a quick look at four stylish light jackets that can get you through any mild winter day and into spring. These are light jackets that can go with anything from your favorite pair of distressed jeans to just about any dress crop top. And we all need jackets to pair with our crop tops in the cooler months! Take a look.

Wooly Sherpa 

It’s hard to go wrong with a sherpa jacket when you want something warm and stylish for any mild winter day. Sherpa jackets are usually defined by their signature “wooly” look. This fabric style creates a warm and soft textile making the sherpa a perfect mid-winter jacket in many parts of the country.

Sherpas are great for days that aren’t too chilly, and they’re even better for layering. You can find lighter sherpa jackets, as well as thicker or heavier jackets for even more warmth if you need it. And because sherpa jackets can be so soft and cozy, they make great “lounge around home” jackets. 

Classic Tweed 

Tweed is often paired with a distinctive pattern, like houndstooth. Tweed jackets can be soft while having a more structured look. They may feature distinctive collars and lapels, too. So, if you're looking for a more professional setting, a tweed jacket can be the way to go. They’re something you can wear buttoned up, or open.

And yes, tweed jackets can also pair well with your dress crop top of choice. They offer a mix of casual and sophisticated that you don’t always get from light jackets. If you find yourself shopping on a website for dresses and tops, see if they have tweed jackets. They can be a fitting addition to any wardrobe. 

Fuzzy Fleece 

Fleece jackets have a few things in common with sherpa jackets. They can be super soft, warm, and stylish. They come in different thicknesses and are great for layering. But they can have a very different look from the sherpa. In fact, they can have a lot of different looks. You can get plaid fleece, solid color fleece, button-up fleece, quarter-zip fleece, and on and on. If you're trying to cultivate a certain look, but need a light, yet warm jacket, this is a good place to start. 

Chic Corduroy

Want a chic texture and pattern blended into one distinctive look? You can get that with corduroy. Like tweed jackets, corduroy jackets can be structured for a blazered look. They’re also ideal for a more professional setting. At the same time, they can give you enough warmth and coziness for those mild winter days. And they also come in more casual looks, too. After all, when it comes to light jackets, you can never have too much variety!