Be a Summer Picnic Sensation with These 4 Style Tips

Make Your Summer Picnic Look Effortless with These 4 Tips

Is this the summer of picnic core? Much like cottage-core (the mushroom/moss/gnome aesthetic) and cowboy-core (the boots/hats/denim aesthetic), there are a lot of inspiring fashion trends sweeping the country this year. Going into summer, picnic-inspired fashions are making themselves known. These are light, flowing dresses, strappy sandals, and wide-brimmed hats. It’s the kind of ensemble you'd wear while lounging in the park, in the shade, and while enjoying a sip of a cool, bubbly drink with friends and loved ones. If you're ready to embrace the picnic-core look this summer, here are a few pieces to consider as you browse your favorite online boutique dresses shop!

The Season of Strappy Sandals

Summer is the season of strappy sandals—and strappy sandals are peak picnic-core. Strappy sandals can easily go with any outfit you're thinking about putting together. Pair them with long and flowy maxi dresses. Or pair them with denim shorts and a crop tank top. They’re perfect for a walk down Main Street or a walk down the beach (and they’re easy to slip on and off when you want to dip your toes in the water). They help keep your feet cool in the summer sun while looking totally stylish with every step you take.

Embrace Every Summer Breeze in a Flowing Dress

There’s nothing quite like a warm summer breeze. As you spend time outdoors and enjoy a weekend picnic at the park, complete your look with a flowing linen dress. Linen dresses can help keep you cool while matching your picnic aesthetic. You can find linen dresses in varying lengths, like mini, midi, and maxi, and you can find them in all kinds of colors. Get a linen dress in a classic, subdued beige or a summer-sunset-inspired hot pink and orange ombre. There’s just something about the texture and style-ability of a linen dress that makes it a picnic-core essential.

Wrap Yourself in Eye-catching Colors

Speaking of summer-sunset-inspired colors, picnic-core isn’t afraid to embrace the brighter hues of the season. From the sky blues to the leafy greens to the sunny yellows, colors are everywhere. Yes, lighter, subtler colors are a part of the picnic-core aesthetic, too, but don’t overlook that splash of fun intensity. Add a few cute tops in vibrant, summery colors, and you’re practically there! Bright tops like tees, tanks, and cropped blouses are the perfect attire for any picnic in the park or backyard barbecue.

And a Basket in Your Arms!

Who could forget the most important accessory—the picnic basket! If you're planning on partaking in picnics this summer, a woven picnic basket is the ultimate way to embrace the picnic-core look. That, and to carry all your picnic goodies! It’s easy to underestimate a good picnic basket, but they’re the perfect summertime accessory when you need to carry food, beverages, and everything else as you enjoy a day at the park under the trees.