5 Things You Need to Complete Your Pool and Beach Look

Get Ready to Hit the Poolside and the Beachfront with These 4 Looks

Dreaming about lounging by the pool and kicking it beachside? Who wouldn’t dream about chilling by the water, enjoying an afternoon of fun and sun? Of course, it won’t be long until these dreams turn into reality, and you make it happen—if you haven’t already! But is your poolside wardrobe ready? Or is your beachy wardrobe in need of a style makeover? It might be time to add a few new cute tops to the mix. Or maybe you want to hit the reset button on your poolside ensembles. Get ready, the water awaits!

Cute Tops Are Poolside Essentials

There are a lot of poolside essentials and arguably just about any cute top can bring your poolside look together. A dress crop top, for instance, is poolside perfection. Slip a cute top over your bathing suit and you're ready to lounge and swim. Or just lounge. Whatever you want! Cute crop tops are versatile in the spring and summer. For a breezier look, an open-shoulder crop top can be the way to go. But when the sun beams down, a loose, long-sleeved blouse can be your ideal beach companion.

Shorts Are Comfy and Easy to Wear

The best pool and beach wear is not only comfortable but also easy to wear. There’s a certain air of relaxation to it. A comfortable pair of linen or cotton dress shorts can bring your loungy, beachy look together in an instant. You want something you can wear over your bathing suit and toss to the side when you're ready to go for a dip. But you also want something that complements your style. Pair linen shorts with a casual white long-sleeved blouse and you’ll be ready to lounge by the water in pure style.

Skirts Add Versatility to Your Beachside Look

Is it possible to get even breezier than a pair of linen shorts with a flowing blouse? Of course! Add a flowing skirt to the mix and you're set. Skirts make for excellent pool and beachside pieces because of how versatile they are. When you want to cover more of your legs to protect them from the sun, you can do just that with a flowing skirt. Plus, you can pair your favorite poolside tops with your skirts. A bright floral print skirt with an equally vibrant top? You can make it happen!

Sandals Let You Slip Off into Relaxation

Lounging by the pool wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of sandals—and neither would your poolside look. But what kind of sandals are the perfect pair? It’s up to you. Want something you can slip out in one quick motion when you want to dip your toes in the water? Or maybe you want something strappier? It’s hard to go wrong either way. Both slip-on sandals and strappy sandals pair well with just about any outfit, from crop tops with linen bottoms to flowy blouses with equally flowing skirts. No matter what you put together, you’ll be ready for the water, whether it’s by the pool or by the sea.