Dressy or Casual—What’s Your Go-To Summer Vibe?

Summer Fashion Looks: Dressy or Casual?

Summer fashion trends have different vibes, but on a basic level, it’s the simple question of whether you prefer dressy outfits or casual ensembles from your favorite website for dresses. Some women like to wear classy, elevated outfits all summer, and some want to rock more versatile, relaxed pieces for their seasonal wardrobe. Need a little walk-through of the different ways these looks manifest themselves? You’re in the right place.

Dress Shorts or Jean Shorts?

Shorts are a summer staple all over the United States. With just a hint of warm weather, you’ll look for different shorts for the season. While jean shorts are a go-to everyday bottom for BBQ lunches and beach trips, you might want to upscale your look with a pair of dress shorts. You can find linen dress shorts and other chic styles for coffee dates, summer brunches, and even workdays. Still, if that’s not your vibe, stick to the jean shorts, and you can make everyday looks work for you all summer.

Cute Blouses or Lounge Tops?

When you wear shorts or skirts, you have to pair them with a cute top. If you want a less relaxed look, you can opt for a dress crop top over a tee, but there is a way to simplify the decision. Choose simple tops, tees, and dressy crop tops that you feel comfortable wearing with either dress shorts or jeans. That way, even if it’s a rare day when your outfit strays to the other side, you’ll still look stylish, on-trend, and in line with your usual sense of fashion.

Chic Slips or Flowy Babydolls?

Dresses are must-haves for summer weather. They’re lightweight and easy to throw on if you’re a little rushed for time. Plus, you can lounge around in them all day, even if they have a bit of a posh look to them. If you’re deciding between a slip dress and a babydoll, you’re deciding between a polished and relaxed look. Slips hug your body, and babydolls are loose and flowy. You would wear a slip dress more if you spent more of your summer out and about for dates, shopping, and dressy dinners. Babydoll dresses are fabulous for pretty much every summer event, and you still feel comfortable lounging around with a book in a big chair at home.

Matching Separates or Matching Sets?

It was a trick question because the options fit into both dressy and casual wardrobes. There are some stylish summer linen separates with a lightweight double-breasted vest or jacket you can pair with matching linen shorts. Or you can opt for loose-fitting loungewear separates for a casual day at home, running errands, or heading to the coffee shop. These pieces are perfect for casual and dressy wardrobes because matching summer sets always have a more put-together look while feeling pretty comfortable.

Dressy and casual outfits both have their places in a summer wardrobe, and it’s totally up to you to decide if you want to wear one look more than the other. If you love the feeling of dressing up and wearing dress shorts or a chic little slip dress, go for it! There are very few places a more elegant outfit wouldn’t fit in, and it’s okay to have a different vibe than your peers. If you love a good loungewear set, a casual summer closet will keep you comfortable and stylish all season long. It’s up to you to determine what statement you want to make with your clothes.