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Courtside Collection

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      Courtside Collection

      Serve up style both on and off the court with Dress Up's "Courtside Collection." This sporty yet chic line features pickleball graphic sweatshirts, athletic dresses, and terry cloth tops, perfect for those who love to stay active and look fabulous. Each piece in this collection combines comfort, functionality, and trendsetting design, ensuring you’re ready for any game or casual outing.

      Pickleball Graphic Sweatshirts: Show off your love for the game with our pickleball graphic sweatshirts. Featuring playful and trendy designs, these sweatshirts are perfect for warming up before a match or lounging in style. Made from soft, high-quality fabric, they provide both comfort and a sporty look that's ideal for any casual occasion.

      Athletic Dresses: Achieve the perfect blend of performance and style with our athletic dresses. Designed for maximum comfort and movement, these dresses are perfect for playing pickleball, tennis, or any active pursuit. With their sleek design and flattering fit, you’ll feel confident and stylish both on the court and off.

      Terry Cloth Tops: Stay cool and comfortable with our terry cloth tops. Perfect for warm-up sessions or post-game relaxation, these tops offer a relaxed fit and a sporty look. Made from soft, absorbent terry cloth fabric, they are ideal for active days and casual hangouts, providing both style and comfort.

      The "Courtside Collection" by Dress Up is designed for those who love to stay active and fashionable. Each piece is crafted to keep you looking chic and feeling comfortable, whether you’re hitting the court or enjoying a day out. Embrace your sporty side with this stylish collection and make every moment a winning one.