What These 5 Springtime Wardrobe Colors Say About Your Style

5 Springtime Wardrobe Colors and What They Say About You

Spring is the season of color. As the days get warmer, the world seems more colorful and vibrant. From the flowers and trees to the sun and sky above, it’s a symphony of color. You might even say the same about your wardrobe. With the arrival of spring, you may start to pick out more colorful and vibrant pieces.

When you're online shopping dresses, you may gravitate toward those light blues or rust dresses to add to the rotation. Cream cardigans over pink tops may even make an appearance. But have you thought about what the colors say about your wardrobe choices? Here’s a lighthearted look at a few hues that may be in your rotation this spring—and what they might reveal about your style.

It’s Black to Basics

Black is simple and elegant. We all have those black pieces we reach for, even in spring. When you wear a black dress or a black blouse with black slacks—or any other black outfit—you do it with the confidence that you look good. You look sharp. To call black “simple,” however, is to underestimate what the color is all about. It can be a lot of things and styled in a lot of ways. Black can mean you appreciate practicality and versatility in any piece of clothing—along with its elegance.

Get Clued into Blue

Blue is often a go-to color in spring. It’s a cool-hued color and it comes in different shades for different occasions. When you go with a lighter shade of blue, like a powder blue, you can convey springtime playfulness. When you go with a darker shade, like navy, it can convey a more serious edge, perfect for a night out. Blues can be styled with virtually any other color. Blue and yellow? It doesn’t get more springtime than that.

No Need to Envy This Green

Green is another springtime essential and comes in many delightful hues. It also makes a great accent color. Think tiered dresses with bands in different shades of green. Or a sage green shacket over a cream-colored top with faded blue jean bottoms. Or a dark green cardigan over a beige dress. The pairing possibilities are nearly endless. Green is your go-to when you want to add something extra to an outfit, but you don’t want that “extra” to be too “extra.” It’s a calmer, down-to-earth tone for those who are just as down-to-earth.

Don’t Throw Shade at Red

Red can be complicated. It’s a warm color packed with potential. It can be bright and full of passion. Or it can be dark and full of mystery. It can also be subdued with tones of rust or pale pink. Rust dresses and tops bring even more complexity to your spring ensemble. The good kind of complexity—one that can say you enjoy things that are out of the ordinary. You like to mix things up and bring energy to any day.

Say Yellow to a Sunny Disposition

Yellow is a color of optimism. And when you wear yellow, you bring that optimism with you wherever you go. From deep shades of yellow to sandy beiges, yellow is easy to wear in the spring. That may be why it’s such a popular springtime color. But because it tends to be so bright and light, it really shines when it’s paired with another color, usually a cooler hue, like a blue or green. It’s easy to pair with other colors and it’s easy to accessorize.