4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Closet

Spring is synonymous with fresh starts. Everything seems better when the weather warms up and the long dark winter ends. A good spring clean is also part of the seasonal package, and while it can be a drag, it feels oh-so great once it’s done, especially when you shop for new online boutique dresses to fill the space. Here are some tips to make your spring closet clean out as painless as possible.

Set the Mood

It might sound a little silly but creating an environment that’s as stress-free as possible is essential. Before starting your closet cleanout, you want to set the mood to motivate yourself and get excited about the task ahead of you. Dress in comfy clothing as a closet clean out is a bit of a workout and blast your favorite tunes but don’t allow yourself to procrastinate, or it will never get done.

Divide and Conquer

The pile and sort method is a spring-cleaning strategy that never goes out of style in helping you make more room in your closet. After dumping your clothing in one area, you’ll be able to see how much stuff you have. Start by dividing certain clothes into “keep, toss, or donate” piles. Add items with stains, rips, or holes to the toss pile. When you discover the clothing you don’t see yourself wearing, add them to the donate pile. You’ll want to add to the keep pile when you stumble across the cute tops you forgot about because they've been buried.

Be Honest

While sifting and sorting through your closet and making piles, be honest with yourself to determine what should stay or go. If in doubt, place it in a box and store it in the attic for a year. If you miss it, keep it. If you forget about it, donate it. Let’s face it, everyone occasionally makes impulse buys, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. If you haven’t worn it in a year, or if it was itchy, stained, awkward, or ill-fitting, it’s best to let it go and start fresh with on-trend fashions that will actually see the light of day. Every article of clothing you donate leaves potential real estate in your closet to fill with spring fashions you’ll adore. Reward yourself for a job well done by going to your favorite website for dresses and picking out some new pieces to fill the void.

Get Organized

No closet will stay organized unless you have the proper tools. Consider investing in one type of hanger, like thin velvet hangers, as it’s more esthetically pleasing to have a cohesive theme in your closet. Look for creative ways to organize your items, like handbags, belts, hats, and shoes. Whether it’s drawer organizers, dividers, bins—whatever storage solutions you need to set yourself up for success in getting organized and keeping it that way.