The Story Behind Dress Up

Browse Over 65 New Arrivals Weekly Online and in Stores with Dress Up


Fourteen years ago, Derrick and Danielle Case were walking through a mall with Danielle’s sisters and became exhausted after browsing endless racks of overpriced clothing that lacked style and variety.


It was then that Danielle exclaimed to Derrick: “This is ridiculous, we should open our own store. We should offer new styles every week, make it affordable and on trend.”


So they did. Their first Dress Up storefront in Dahlonega, GA sprung to life just five weeks after that mall excursion in 2009. Today, they sell fashion apparel and accessories both online and at 17 in-store locations across the Southeast.


There’s never a bad day to shop at Dress Up. Part of the reason is they bring in more than 65 new arrivals weekly, including a large selection of cute rompers that are versatile, flattering, and fun. The fresh inventory also includes jewelry, blouses, shorts, heels, and—of course—dresses.


Dress Up not only keeps it fresh, but they also keep it trendy and stylish for women who are eager to stay on top of their fashion game. Stores that sell the same items month after month without bringing in new inventory just don’t cut it.


One of the best things about Dress Up is the affordability component to their mission­—everything is always under $50. That’s a big selling point, especially if you’re in the market for the latest in athleisure and boho style, or even affordable and cheap rompers.


Perhaps more importantly, however, is Dress Up’s goal to make every woman feel special. They aim to make every customer leave the store feeling more confident and loved than she did walking in the doors. The brand lives by the statement: “Love People, Love Clothes.”


Whether someone is shopping online or in-store, the founders hope people enjoy the “Dress Up touch,” because they want everyone to have a good experience while shopping. As we enter into the spring season of fashion, it’s time to get inspired with fresh, new, on-trend clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shoes, from cute rompers to sundresses and more.


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