Rompers and Jumpsuits for Different Body Shapes

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Rompers and Jumpsuits for Different Body Shapes


There are flattering styles of rompers and jumpsuits for every body shape and size imaginable. Just like a dress, you can make a romper or jumpsuit as casual or as formal as you want. If you have yet to discover this one-and-done style, it’s time to add one, two, or six to your closet. There are cute rompers and jumpsuits for every body out there to rock with confidence! Find a new piece to add to your wardrobe and own it. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect romper or jumpsuit for you.



If you are tall, your dilemma is probably finding outfits that are long enough in the legs. If you have longer legs, it’s not impossible to find a romper you can wear with confidence! It’s time to find an adorable one that you can rock. Any type of ruffle or detailing on the legs is a great way to flaunt those legs for days. Angled hems on a romper would also look flawless. Tall women look fabulous in elegant jumpsuits as well. You don’t have to be flashing leg skin to show off your long limbs—the jumpsuit does the talking.



Certain clothes and styles can make shorter women look younger than they actually are, which can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it. If you’re on the petite side, choose cute rompers with solid colors and sophisticated detailing, or simple prints if you want to add touches of mature sophistication to a look. With the perfect romper, you’ll look classy and put-together, especially with gorgeous heels. Try to avoid excess fabric or super loose-fitting styles. Stick to the romper and perhaps stay away from a jumpsuit. A romper will make your legs look longer while a jumpsuit might swallow you up and make you look shorter. The struggle is real for petite girls too! But it never hurts to shop around and see what clothes you feel best in.



For the curvy women out there, consider skipping the spaghetti straps if you are naturally busty and instead opt for wider straps with a slightly plunging V-neck. Or, for a more modest look, go for a cold-shoulder romper that covers your chest but allows your shoulders to peep through the sleeves. The choice should depend on your personal preference and the occasion. Either way, you’ll look great! Maybe stay away from ruffles on top, but definitely go for a romper or jumpsuit that defines your waist. A wrap-style romper or one that ties at the waist would look especially figure-enhancing.



If you are a woman with an athletic build, you will look beautiful in a romper with fluttery short sleeves or long flowy sleeves for an extra feminine touch. You can even wear sleeveless or off-the-shoulder rompers, too. It depends on what you want to accentuate on your body. A drop waist or even a cinch waist romper would also look great. Go with a light and free-flowing cut around the legs and wear your favorite pair of wedge sandals to show off all of your leg day progress. The same applies to jumpsuits—don’t be afraid to stand out!


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