Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Green: Colors Fit for Summer Fashion

Summer Colors for an On-Trend Wardrobe

Bright, bold, and beautiful, the season’s hottest color trends are making a splash on the runways and trickling down to the fun, affordable, on-trend pieces you can find with your favorite online dress shop. They’re the perfect shades for all the summer happenings, including trips to the beach, backyard BBQs, casual parties, weddings, and lunch plans with the family. If you want to be at the height of fashion this summer, shop for pieces with these vivid hues.

Get in the Pink with Pink

When you’re “in the pink,” it means you’re “in the perfect condition.” To get your wardrobe in the pink for summer, fill it with bright pink pieces reminiscent of your favorite childhood doll, who, coincidentally, is getting her own movie this summer. Harness that energy into some choice outfits for summer with cute tops for women, maxi dresses, and even a pair of pink shoes. You will be amazed by how versatile this color is, which is why it’s a favorite for every fashionable woman.

Say Goodbye to Feeling Blue in Blue

Blue conjures all the summer imagery: clear skies, ocean piers, shimmering lakes, slow plane rides, and your favorite nail polish. Ocean blue is summer’s love child with the color wheel, and it looks absolutely stunning on a host of different clothes. While you can keep your blues to denim, don’t be afraid to branch out with blue sun dresses, skirts, tops, or wide-leg pants.

Give the Green Light to Green

Lime green is this summer season’s golden child, but there are many iterations of the color green to wear and enjoy throughout the summer. You may even want to choose a maxi floral dress that leans towards the greens so that you can wear this bold summer color against a background of white, black, or another hue. Stock up on various green pieces to ensure your wardrobe is set to impress throughout the season, regardless of what you have on the schedule.

Warm Up to Yellow Sunlight in Yellow

Like summer sunshine in your closet, yellow is a happy color that will really make you glow. Shop for pieces in a variety of yellow hues, and don’t forget to get into some yellow pattern play. Patterns with a hint of yellow are great compromises if you don’t want to go all out with a shade of yellow. You can find a midi yellow dress with a pretty floral or striped print that dances between blatant shout-out to the sunshine shade and a subtle nod to summer’s favorite prints.

Summer is all about getting outside, enjoying the sunshine, and making the most of time with friends and family, and you can look good while you do it! Fun colors are a part of the joy of wearing summer pieces. Whether you have to run errands or head to a party, putting on a fashionable outfit with bright, bold hues will make it easy to stand out, look on-trend, and enjoy your wardrobe as much as you enjoy the season.