4 Kinds of Heels That Will Match Your Summer Look

The Perfect Heels for Summer

Walking, talking, and looking totally stylish—these are the top things to do in summer. While you can talk barefoot on the beach or by the pool, walking and looking stylish at other summer events is hard to do without a cute pair of shoes. Luckily, your favorite website for dresses should have some on-trend summery heels for casual and more elevated summer outings. Keep your eyes open for these four heels, which will help you walk the walk from your boardwalk dates to your best friend’s wedding and everywhere in between.

Casual Espadrille Heels

Espadrilles are a shoe in the spotlight this summer. They’re cute, casual, and they go with just about every summer outfit and all of the cute tops. Espadrilles are shoes with rope soles and canvas uppers. The upper fabric may also be cotton. When trying to figure out which shoes will match the cute tops you want for everyday summer happenings, like brunch dates and trips, patio parties, and bookstore visits, espadrilles are perfect. With a bit of heel, a platform, or both, the espadrilles will add a little more oomph to your look.

Playful Platform Heels

Platform heels elevate your summer style, taking you on the escalator from casual up to dressy and back down again. You can wear platform heels with any midi or maxi dress for a playful, romantic look. Alternatively, pair them with a linen or flowy pant for a more casual date night or dinner with your friends.

Comfy Low Heels

If the idea of high heels sounds daunting, you have other options. Look for shoes with a one-inch or shorter heel. All you need is a little bit of lift in the back for your shoe to enhance your outfit, so it’s suitable for various occasions and all-day wear. You can totally find platforms with just a teensy heel or stick to shoes that are basically flats with a high-heel vibe, like slide sandals. Keep these sweet shoes on hand to pair with a pretty babydoll dress for breakfast with the family or BBQs with friends.

Cute Colorful Heels

Summer colors are fun and vibrant—perfect for a pair of heels. Use your shoes to add a splash of color to any outfit. Try to find shoes in a color that excites the senses, like bright pink. You can wear them with simple pieces like a denim jumpsuit or wide-leg pants with a basic tank. It might sound silly to justify getting bright pink shoes, but they’re worth it! You can bring them out again every summer because pink never goes out of style.

Your summer outfits won’t feel complete without some stylish heels, and when it comes to these shoes, any height fits the season as long as they work with your outfit and your lifestyle. Keep things casual with espadrille-style shoes, or slip into colorful block heel slides. No matter how you flaunt your style, you can talk, walk, and enjoy summer in the height of fashion.