Oversized tops are a trend we hope never go away! They keep you looking trendy and cool while tackling your to do list and keeping you super comfortable. These tops are great to throw on over anything you are wearing, and are practically made for leggings. Oversized tops are ideal for students, moms, or just the girl on the go! 


Oversized tops and leggings are a match made in heaven! Booties or sneakers would work with these tops at all times. As a great base for layering, they look great under any jackets or cardigans to act as a basic or a statement piece. Whatever your style is, you can add an oversized top into the mix. These all feature a free-flowing fabric to keep you comfortable while still looking put together. Whether you want to pair an oversized top with distressed jeans or leggings, you will have a killer look for sure! 

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