From Fitness to Fabulous in an Hour or Less

You’ll Go From Sweaty to Stylish in No Time

Exercise is a part of daily life, but sometimes you just don’t have time to do a full workout and get all glammed up for the next thing on your schedule. While looking a little tousled is pretty chic, a post-workout mess may not be what you’re going for when you head to brunch with friends or dinner with family. So, you need another strategy. It needs to take you from fitness to fabulous in under an hour.

Keep Your Wardrobe Up to Date

One way to make sure you can get ready quickly after a workout is to fill your wardrobe with the most current trends. It’s easy to reach into your closet and pull out something you want to wear when everything in your wardrobe on-trend. Keep a variety of cute tops, dresses, bottoms, and accessories that you feel comfortable mixing and matching for a great outfit in under 10 minutes—that gives you plenty of time to shower after a workout.

Start the Day with Your Most Fashionable Foot Forward

Even if you’re going to work out at the beginning of the day, put on cute workout attire to truly look like the fashion lover you are. You can find crop tops and seamless bralettes and other apparel perfect for low-impact workouts like lifting light weights, pilates, or yoga from a website for dresses. That way, you can approach the day with your most fashionable foot forward from the get-go.

Wear One Piece of Clothing From Your Workout

An excellent way to go from fitness to fashion in, like, 20 minutes is to keep one article of clothing on from your workout. It will probably be your athletic leggings or your bra. You can pick up some cute tops from a boutique retailer that look great with leggings, making them versatile pieces for the days when you’re short on time.

Don’t Sweat a Little Sweat

If you break a sweat while you’re working out but don’t have much time to freshen up after, don’t sweat it. Put on a baseball cap, swap out your shirt, and change into some cute white sneakers. You’ll look like you did the whole disheveled athletic girl look on purpose (and, in a way, you kind of did). You could even pack one of your favorite online boutique dresses in your gym bag and change into that after the workout. With your hair in a messy bun or a tousled, loose look, nobody knows you just ran five miles or moved to heavier weights.

You can squeeze in a workout, get cleaned up, and still have time to make a smoothie or drink a latte. By keeping things casual and fashionable, you can say goodbye to pondering what to wear or how to style a certain piece. You can also skip the shampoo and simplify your beauty routine to save time. Whatever you do, make sure your closet has some on-trend styles and add a few new pieces regularly. That way, you always have something to motivate you to put on something cute after exercise.