Posted by Joanna Tiller on Mar 17th 2020

We are here today with what everyone needs... real, practical, comfortable, and cute outfits to wear while working from home! Of course you can get all dressed up per usual, but if you are going to be on the couch you might as well be a little more comfortable. Dress Up knows how to do soft and cozy, while still feeling put together!

Allison Brushed Knit Camo Joggers

The Allison Brushed Knit Camo Joggers feel like butter on the skin. They are a lightweight sweat to make any running around the house super easy! Pair these with whatever top you want, like a black bodysuit, an old t-shirt, or a simple pullover, and slippers obviously. These are great because you can dress them up or dress them down as much as you want! 

Lainey Fuzzy Knit Cardigan

No matter what you wear, you need something to keep you warm! The Lainey Fuzzy Knit Cardigan will be that new cardigan you keep on the back of your chair, you know the one. This easy flowing, super cozy cardigan comes in five different colors and is on sale for $16! Grab a few, for your car, all around your house, you won't regret it. 

Savannah Jersey Knit Jumpsuit

This fit is a staff favorite here at Dress Up! Jumpsuits are a really easy way to think you put a real outfit on, when in reality it feels just as comfortable as pajamas. The Savannah Jersey Knit Jumpsuit is casual, stretchy, and easy to wear! This piece is ideal to wear now and lightweight enough to stay in your wardrobe in the coming months. 

Marissa Star Brushed Knit Oversized Pullover

We can assure you the Marissa Star Brushed Knit Oversized Pullover will brighten your mood and get your day off on the right foot! This super cozy pullover is ideal for layering, and pairs so well with leggings or jeans. You will be wanting to change out of your pajamas for this top, trust us! 


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