Posted by Kaia Clark on Mar 5th 2020

It is that time of year when we all start getting tired of wearing the same clothes. We've all been there. Jazz up your outfits with the help of the Dress Up Stylist Team! These tips and new ideas will help you change up your basic outfit of cute tops and high rise jeans. 

Combining Trends

Snakeskin Bell Bottom Pants

2019 and now 2020 was an era of quick moving trends and versatile pieces and we love re-wearing these pieces in fun, new ways this season. Combine animal print with bleached graphic tees for a rock n roll style outfit. Or wear your favorite jumpsuit with a patterned blazer and a tiny purse for a workwear style outfit that can also be worn as streetwear. Or pair your platform white sneakers with biker shorts and cropped sweater for a spri athleisure outfit. The combinations are endless with all the trends we saw and purchased in 2019! 

Unexpected Layering

Luxe Knit Cardigan

Use some of your favorite pieces you bought in winter and layer them with cute crop tops, cheap rompers, and graphic tees to make them even cuter in the spring and summer, while keeping you cozy in the cold A/C. Some of our favorite outfits are cute maxi dresses layered with a lightweight kimono and heeled ankle booties. This styling completely transforms the original maxi dress. Another unexpected option is to wear a basic v-neck bodysuit with a spring mini dress on top. This outfit is not only super feminine but it is a reminder of the excitement that was the 90s.

Mix Patterns

The art of mixing patterns is not an easy one to master but with these tips you'll make it look like a breeze. your first choice should be based on the colors of the backgrounds. Focus on complimentary colors and neutrals. Patterns like snakeskin and leopard print are super easy to style with bolder colors and prints because of their neutral style. Tie-dye mixes with well with classic patterns like polka dots or stripes because of their simplistic color palette. Next check the size of the patterns. Smaller finer prints and bigger bolder prints should be paired together to keep the outfit simpler. Cheetah print is a smaller polka dot style print with a neutral colored background, this is the easier pattern of all to mix and match with everything in your closet. From cute crop tops to striped dresses, simple cheetah booties like the Lana Side Paneled Booties make for stunning outfits.


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