Posted by Nelly Gonzales on Jan 28th 2020

You may or may not have noticed but we are IN LOVE and it's with leopard print! There's something about this print that has us entranced. We are here to tell you exactly why we love it and why it's a trend that you're going to want to get behind!

Our number one reason for loving leopard print? It instantly makes us feel like a million bucks! There's something about wearing leopard print that instantly makes us feel fabulous, and like we can conquer the world. We especially feel it when we are wearing our Giselle Leopard Pleated Maxi Skirt. This skirt is definitely one that needs to be in everyone's closet.

Another reason? It instantly adds a pop of style to any outfit. Here is our SJ1046-12 cardigan styled with basics, it's a perfect example of leopard print instantly taking an outfit to the next level. Feel free to pair it with basics and let the leopard print roar on its own. 

Reason number 3? It can technically count as a neutral! Meaning that you can throw it on top of basically anything, and it won't clash. Or maybe that's just an excuse for us to be able to wear leopard at all times! Check out our ST1360-12 hoodie it features an amazing print and is a perfect neutral color. You could easily throw this on with pretty much any everyday outfit and we swear it won't clash.

One of the biggest reasons to get behind the leopard print trend is that It stands out on its own. This means that just putting on leopard print makes you look put together. Even if the truth is you rushed out of the house. We promise you need our ST1447-10 sweater. It's the perfect sweater to throw on when you want to look together but don't have time to think of an outfit. It's a statement of its own.

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