The Best Tee EVER!

The Best Tee EVER!

Posted by Nelly Gonzales on Apr 2nd 2020

We know you can't wait to wear all the summer and spring outfits that the quarantine is keeping you from wearing, but we're here to introduce a staple that you can wear now and later. Our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee is THE staple you've been looking for. Not only is it super soft but, it also flows beautifully, and is, of course, made out of the best material. We love the Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee so much that we're bringing it to you in SEVEN different colors because honestly, you need one for every day of the week. That's how amazing this Tee is!

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Black

Start your Mondays off right with the Ultra Soft V-Neck in Black. If you're working from home, dress it up! We know that this may literally be the only day of the week that you will even try to look good for your computer, so go all out. This tee is perfect for pairing with our Kayla Tiered Polka Dot Skirt! Or, once we're out of quarantine, wear it on a casual girls' night out with your favorite black skinnies and block heels for the ultimate cool-girl look. 

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Blue

Tuesday brings the blues because you realize how far you are from Friday but we're here to brighten it up with the prettiest blue tee. Our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Blue is perfect for wearing around the house, or if you decide to brave it and need to go grocery shopping, just throw on jeans, tuck the tee in and go about your business. A whole outfit in just minutes!

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Grey

Hump Day deserves our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Grey! We just love the simplicity and beauty of this color. You can pair it with practically anything! Wear it around the house and be comfortable while you get all your middle of the week duties done. 

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Navy

Let's be honest, it's Thursday and by now, (if not since Tuesday), you're in sweatpants. But not to worry, our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Navy is perfect for styling with those grey sweatpants. Tuck it in slightly to look oh so cute, even in lazy mode. Wear it off the shoulder for an extra relaxed look!

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Green

Friday's Tee should definitely be our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Green. Your workweek is finally done, and we think you need to treat yourself and get some air! Pack yourself a picnic and set up space in your backyard. Wear this tee with your fave cut off shorts to be totally cool and comfy!

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in White

Our Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in White is perfect for Saturdays! Just because you're not going anywhere doesn't mean you shouldn't dress up for yourself. Trust us, dressing up, even just a little, can really help with the quarantine blues. The best thing about this Tee in white is that it's super easy to dress up, just tie it in a knot, throw on your fave skirt, add your fave accessories, and you're done!

Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in Blush

Sunday calls for the Ultra Soft V-Neck Tee in the prettiest blush tee we've ever seen. This is the perfect tee for a casual brunch, because who says brunch isn't possible during a quarantine? You may not be able to go to your favorite brunch spot and eat there but, that's why curbside pickup is a thing! Just pick up your fave (or make it at home) and make yourself a cute set up in your backyard! Pair this tee with your fave jeans or skirt and block sandals to really feel the brunch atmosphere!

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