Posted by Joanna Tiller on Jan 17th 2020

Sometimes office outfits can put such a damper on your mood! Look good, feel good right? Dress Up has some pieces to keep you professional and trendy all year long! 

Brittany Balloon Sleeve Floral Babydoll Blouse

Don't let an "untraditional" pattern scare you! Who said everything had to be plaid and stripes? Adding floral to your work wardrobe will help brighten up everything! The Brittany Balloon Sleeve Floral Babydoll Blouse has a subtle floral print with hints of color, making it easy to wear with pieces you definitely already have. For a statement in the spring, a white suit would look amazing over this blouse! 

Miranda Crocodile V-Cut Booties

Here at Dress Up, we believe a girl can never have too many shoes! This time of year, booties are everything. The Miranda Crocodile V-Cut Booties dress up a look so flawlessly with their spicy heel and subtle detail. Black booties are an absolute staple for every girl, and they are perfect for work too! The heel makes you more confident and easily go under any pants or with any dress. 

Adriana Basic Textured Top

Although we love to mix things up, it is essential to have your closet basics! The Adriana Basic Textured Top is ideal for the office under any blazer or paired with any skirt. A step up from a basic white button-down, but not too flashy to keep you extra professional. This also allows you to grab a statement blazer or skirt to add to your wardrobe! 

We are telling y'all... leopard is becoming a neutral more and more! The Giselle Leopard Pleated Skirt is a showstopper, in the best way. Think about it like this: paired with the Adriana Basic Textured Top, your favorite black blazer, and the Miranda Crocodile V-Cut Booties, an absolute girlboss outfit! Show off your personality and professionalism with this piece! 


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