Sep 26th 2019

We think this spotlight will be a fan favorite - if you follow us on Instagram, you know Liz. She is striking, ambitious, hard-working, and always full of positive energy! As our Director of Public Relations, she puts on all of our incredible events, runs our IT-Girl program, and so much more. We know what she does, but let's take a deeper dive into her more personally! 

You are a queen of makeup here at Dress Up… what are two of your holy-grail makeup products?

Wow! Thank you! The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow pallet! It is so versatile and I always find myself going back to it! My other favorite is the Marc Jacobs Tantastic bronzer!

Favorite event you have ever organized?

Ooo this is a hard one! Over the past 4 years, I’ve planned hundreds of events and there have been so many fun ones! One that was the most unique was a blogger event I coordinated with Braves Retail. We got to do a photoshoot on the field, big shopping event at our store at the Battery, and the bloggers got to personalize their own jerseys.

Current Starbucks order?

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, for sure!

What was your first job?

I was a hostess at a small Italian restaurant and loved it! So fun getting to know all the regular customers.

Last gift you gave a friend?

I got my best friend a mug with our “Bitmojis” on it that said Best Friends haha! I did it as a joke, but she loves it and sends me photos of her drinking coffee out of it every morning.

Most rewarding part of your job?

Getting to see an event from start to finish! I love being able to have the flexibility to have an idea for an event and then see it to the end.

Favorite form of self care?

Taking time to myself. Whether that be watching Netflix, or going on a walk, I think it’s so important to have time to yourself - especially when you have a job like mine where you are constantly “on”!

What did your prom dress look like?

I loved my prom dress!! It was white, had a little bit of a ball gown fit, and had silver sequins on the top. I loved it so much I wore it for my sorority formal freshman year!

What movie made you laugh the hardest?

The Heat always makes me die laughing! Love both Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy!

What is currently in your DU shopping cart?

So many amazing new arrivals this week!! Annalise Oversized Chenille Sweater, Josie Polka Dot Tiered Ruffle Dress, Eva High-Rise Leopard Skinny Jeans, and Ashton Cutout Ankle Booties.


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