Posted by Joanna Tiller on Sep 10th 2019

Dress Up would be so lost without our talented photographer, Cara Beth! Cara Beth is adaptable, reliable, and has such a special creative eye. She is the woman behind all of our stunning photos and today, she is sharing her hidden talent, where her passion came from, and so much more! 

What did your prom dress look like?

My senior prom dress was decked out in teal sequins head-to-toe (yikes!) I felt like a walking mermaid which was every 17 year old girl’s dream right?! 

Favorite form of self-care?

It’s very important for me to get a sweat-sesh in everyday, whether that’s at the gym, yoga, or going on a run + I love a good bubble bath and candles!

How did your passion for photography come about?

My dad was a crime scene photographer when I was growing up so he taught me the basics of a camera when I was old enough to hold one. We have traveled together to photograph new places my whole life so what started as something we got to share together, quickly became a huge passion of mine as I began to explore all the forms of photography!

Your holy-grail beauty product?

I just bought a liquid eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution that has the perfect subtle shimmer and I’m for sure keeping it stocked!

How do you spend your time outside of Dress Up?

I love to travel when I get the chance but when I’m not traveling, I love taking my kayak out and going to Target at least once a day!

What is your hidden talent?

I took a ceramics class in college just for fun but ended up really enjoying it and basically stocked my entire kitchen with handmade bowls, plates, mugs, and all kinds of things and later ended up selling some

Where does your inspiration stem from?

I pull most of my inspiration from the people I make photographs of. Whether it’s with a Dress Up model or capturing a special event, seeing confidence in people and getting the chance to capture special little moments inspires everything that I do!

Current favorite book or podcast?

I’m also so fascinated by art history so I’ve been listening to the Art History Babes podcast to keep that spark alive!

What is in your DU shopping cart?

Currently the Cleo Striped Blazer because how can you not feel like a girl boss in this! Also the Kirsten Cropped V-Neck Sweater + every single sweater that is coming this weekend!


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