Posted by Joanna Tiller on Feb 24th 2020

Does anyone actually wear their hair down... all the time? No way, we don't believe it. We know how to look cute and style your hair so many different ways, scrunchies, duh! Dress Up has the best selection of affordable and trendy scrunchies. 

Victoria White Tie Scrunchie

Side ponies are making a comeback! This is such a cute way to show off your cute scrunchie. Not to mention, a side pony is easy to put together in seconds, you don't have to worry about it looking perfect. The Victoria White Tie Scrunchie is sleek, simple, but adds the perfect touch to any look! A neutral scrunchie is necessary in every girl's hair wardrobe, and we are really loving this one. 

Chasity Leopard Print Scrunchie

A high pony is always our go-to, what about you girl?! An all black outfit, a high pony, and the Chasity Leopard Print Scunchie gives you a total girl boss look! High ponies are super flattering and pull your face back to show off those cheekbones we all know and love. This is also a great option to still look cute in your athleisure! 

Laney Citrus Tie Scrunchie

One of the best ways to really let your scrunchie shine is wearing your hair half-up half-down! Let it be the focal point of your look. Just how every girl needs a neutral scrunchie, she also needs a pop of color in her collection. The Laney Citrus Tie Scrunchie is the perfect way to dip your toes into the neon trend! 


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