​Fall Fashions That Never Go Out of Style

​Fall Fashions That Never Go Out of Style

Oct 17th 2019

Fall Fashions That Never Go Out of Style

The fashion industry is fickle, but there are just some fall fashions that have staying power year after year—usually accompanied by some iteration that gives them a modern twist. You just have to look at your favorite online dress boutiques for inspiration and to see what’s trending at the moment. What’s old inevitably becomes new again, though. Here are a few timeless pieces and trends you can count on this fall.

Chelsea Knit Cardigan


You’ve probably noticed that cardigans are enjoying their moment right now. They are a must-have layer for cooler temps, whether your office at work is chilly or you’re taking a morning stroll with your pup or going on a casual date. A cardigan has an effortless way of dressing up or dressing down any outfit. They are a great on-the-go piece that come in so many different lengths, textures, colors, and prints. The perfect fall transition piece is a lightweight cardigan. For a cute and seasonal look, wear a soft popcorn cardi over a bodysuit with simple denim jeans and a wide brim hat.

Oversized Longline Flannel

Flannels and Plaid

Long, oversized flannels are getting a lot of attention lately. It’s another great layering piece, like the cardigan, that you can easily elevate your look with. A button-up flannel can be worn open with a tank, jeans, and a trendy belt or statement necklace. You can always tie the flannel around your waist for a cute look or if you get warm by the campfire with friends. Flannels also look cute buttoned up with rolled sleeves for a casual stroll through a corn maze. Another option is a lightweight and oversized plaid top that’s perfect for everyday wear.

Mason V-Neck Babydoll Dress


You should definitely shop dresses for fall, but you don’t have to put away all of your summer dresses either. You just have to get creative with layering. Babydoll dresses are a great example of a summer-to-fall transition outfit. Dress up your casual babydoll dress with a cardigan and booties! Another cool trend is a fall-inspired, floral maxi dress with long sleeves. Who says you can’t wear a maxi in the fall? A wide-brim hat and booties would look super cute with it.

Waverly Eyelash Lace Camo


Camisoles make great layering pieces or they can be worn alone. Add a touch of glam to an outfit with a satin cami with a lovely lace trim. Wear a jean jacket over it, plus skinny jeans and boots. Or, wear a cami under a blazer for work with a skirt. You definitely need a variety of camisole colors and styles to layer with everything this fall season.

Lydia Leopard Print Sweater

Animal Prints

As a category, animal prints continue to rule the fall fashion jungle. Snakeskin, leopard spots, and tiger stripes seem to be especially popular this season. From dresses to purses to denim to jewelry, you can find all things animal print. Animal prints are actually versatile for styling too. You can make any outfit pop with a cute detail, such as snakeskin clutch. Leopard print mini skirts paired with oversized knit sweaters are a chic trend.

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