Posted by Joanna Tiller on Jan 29th 2020

We love accessories here at Dress Up! They are the finishing touch to any look, and can make a huge difference. Whether it is a scarf to keep you warm, a necklace with special meaning, or simply a little bag to hold all your things, they can add so much to an outfit! 

The Juno Wide Brim Banded Felt Hat is a staff and customer favorite! The nude hues add an extra dimension to your look, without you trying hard at all. We especially love hats because you can go an extra day in between washing your hair, while still letting your blowout shine. This hat can really elevate a basic look like jeans and a graphic tee, but also a simple dress! 

Athena Mini Hoop Earrings

Y'all. There is something about throwing on a pair of little hoops and instantly make you feel like you have your ish together! Life hack: get mini hoops, so you can feel this way every single day no matter what you are wearing. The Athena Mini Hoop Earrings are perfect for everyday wear and adding that finishing touch to any look! 

Alicia Leopard Faux Fur Infinity Scarf

Dress Up sharing leopard print!? Shocker... but, really, there is a reason we love this print so much! Especially in accessory form. The Alicia Leopard Faux Fur Infinity Scarf is an adorable pop while also keeping you so warm and cozy! Seriously, this scarf is SO SOFT. We cannot get enough! How gorgeous is this neutral leopard with the red sweater? It adds so much to the look, plus its only $5 so you have to get it. 

Dreya Croc Double O-Ring Belt

Belts are a miracle worker. Jeans too big? Belt. Dress too loose? Belt. We love they are still in trend for 2020! Belts are one of the easiest ways to take a look to the next level. The stunning nude of the Dreya Croc Double O-Ring Belt will go with every look! Sometimes you really need a belt, might as well make sure it is fashionable and a great style choice.