Posted by Joanna Tiller on Feb 7th 2020

Whether you are a fan of Valentine's Day or not, we all have to be taking advantage of being able to wear pink hues alllll month long! Dress Up has been loving pink for a while now, from neon sweaters, to mauve babydoll dresses, but there are the prettiest hues of blush scattered around our newest arrivals. 

Sierra Oversized Color Block Knit Sweater

Pink is a stunning shade to color block with, all the hues hold a neutral undertone and pair well with black, whites, and of course reds! The Sierra Oversized Color Block Knit Sweater has a great fit, big statement sleeves, and of course will wrap you in a plush knit to keep you cozy. This would be a great sweater to wear to work or school on V-Day without trying way too hard, but also completely appropriate to wear all month long. 

Ansley Luxe Knit Snakeskin Sweater

We are drooling over the Ansley Luxe Knit Snakeskin Sweater! A twist on a classic print, the blush hues take it to the next level. You can wear this sweater into spring and then back into winter next year. This sweater is perfect for all our trend-setter girls, show everyone pink can be worn as animal print too! Jeans or leggings would obviously be a great addition to this look, but so would a cute mini skirt. 

Melanie Plush Knit Sweater

All your cozy dreams are going to come true with the Melanie Plush Knit Sweater! This sweater may look boring, but the v-neckline and split hem on the sides adds a little more to a basic sweater. It comes in four colors, but obviously we are eyeing the pink. The girly shade of pink brings out your feminine and sweet side! Dress this sweater up or down, for whatever look you are going for. 

Lana Plaid Fringe Blanket Scarf

If pink is really not your cup of tea, give it a try in a scarf. The Lana Plaid Fringe Blanket Scarf is only $6... you know we love a good deal! It is not completely pink, but gives you the love vibes to keep you warm all month long. Scarves are an easy way to jump on trends without giving it your all, so give pink a shot this month! If you love it, keep adding other pieces to your wardrobe. 


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