Posted by Kaia Clark on Mar 24th 2020

Long live the fashion of the 90s am I right? Some trends will never die and those are some of our favorites here at Dress Up. With inspirations from Gwen Stefani to Britney Spears to Janet Jackson, the decade was iconic for changing the course of fashion forever. Here are so of the hottest trends of the 90s that are back and better than ever in 2020!

Hats, Hats, Hats

From Brad Pitt to Courtney Love, everyone was wearing beanies and wide brim fedora hats in the 90s. This was the easiest way to make messy hair cute. Style it with the everyday sweatshirt and leggings or a trendy babydoll top and distressed denim shorts. The simplicity of a hat is what makes this a year round staple no matter the decade. 

Bleached Graphic Tees & Band Tees

The acid wash and bleach dyed tees are all the rage now just like they were 25 years ago. From band tees to logo tees the grunge-y style of the 90s made this look the everyday staple. Now in 2020, this same styles are back and even better. Get all the game day and streetwear outfits and make them extra cute with a bold graphic.

Animal Print

Snakeskin Babydoll Dress

Animal print will always have a special place in our closets and heart. From the iconic Cindy Crawford leather snakeskin dress to leopard print everything, the 90s were just as in love with animal print as we are now. The Caroline Snakeskin Maxi Skirt is the perfect example! Create the full outfit with a simple lace tank or graphic tee on top with a snakeskin midi skirt for a look that slays. Or throw on a fun snakeskin dress and booties for a night out! From crocodile print to zebra to classics like snakeskin and leopard, we will always be animal print obsessed!

High Rise Boyfriend & Mom Jeans

Frayed Jeans | Mom Jeans | High Rise Jeans

The classic denim jeans have been around for ages but in the 90s it took a turn to be more flattering than ever. The high rise cut pairs perfectly with cropped tees and fitted tops to create the most flattering silhouettes that highlight the hour glass figure we're all striving for. Boyfriend jeans and mom jeans had their time in the spotlight in the 90s and we're made popular by style icons like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Anniston. Guess what? These cuts are back in a big way and we're so happy about it. 

Blush Pink

Twist Back Sweater

Blush pink has been the favorite color in fashion because it looks good on literally everyone. The neutral toned pink is flattering and complimentary to every skin tone. It had its biggest moment in the 90s on the red carpet with celebs like Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. Now an everyday staple of our closets, blush pink will continue to be one of our fave trends from the 90s to now.

Velvet & Velour

Square Neck Top

Velvet and velour are the super soft and shiny fabric that we will never get over. Although it isn't the classic crushed velvet that was seen in every closet in the 90s, the revival of velvet is simple and chic. The ribbed velour style of the Leighton Ribbed Velour Knit Bodysuit and the Annabelle Notched Square Neck Top are the fun twist that is perfect for layering this season. Create a full outfit with a pair of high rise jeans and platform sneakers.


Plaid is the pattern staple of everyday outfits in the 90s and they continue to be a staple of our wardrobe in 2020. Our favorite plaid print right now is the Lindsey Longline Blazer. The complete 90s style is embodied in the structured plaid material and tailored fit. The classic design is the perfect piece that refreshes the trend and brings new life to it in 2020.


Tie-dye has been a classic pattern since the late 60s and has resurgences every so often. From the 90s to now, tie-dye tops, dresses, and outerwear is all the rage. Everyone wants to get their hands on the perfect tie-dye piece with just the right combination of colors. Like the graphic tees, there is both classic tie-dye and bleach tie-dying that is super cute and trendy in 2020. Get both types in a number of styles now and only at Dress Up!


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